Posted 27 March 2013

IPCC expert reviewer Dr Vincent Gray, of Wellington, NZ, has revised his original paper of the greenhouse effect. "The origins of the 'Greenhouse Effect' which were reviewed in 'The Greenhouse and its Effects'1 . have been further reassessed.  The idea of the climate resembling the behaviour of a greenhouse originated from Fourier (1824). He considered that his belief that a greenhouse traps infra red rays could be applied to the climate, where infra radiation from the earth could be absorbed by water vapour This suggestion was supported by Pouillet and Tyndall. Arrhenius, who used Langley’s calculations to measurethe effect, attributed it to carbon dioxide instead, but he was unaware that absorption by carbon dioxide was not measured by Langley, so he inadvertently measured water vapour instead.... In contrast to Fourier, a real greenhouse depends on convection and latent heat transfer and so does the climate, with the addition of the outside climate ehich it excludes together with its chaotic behaviour. Fluctuations in this system are much greater than the claimed effects of greenhouse gases, which would therefore be undetectable."

Download full pdf file [here ](greenhouse revisited2.pdf)

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